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Szegedi Vízmű Zrt. Is a dedicated supporter of the sports life of Szeged.
Szegedi Vízmű Zrt. believes that sports is a driving force in life, thus we decided to sponsor successful sports clubs that bring fame to the town, which is a way of taking part in the social life of Szeged.
Szegedi Vízmű is proud to have been involved in the sports life of Szeged for years, this way assisting successful teams and associations that have achieved remarkable results. Such kind of support activity is a must nowadays for a company with a decisive role in its own field.

Szeged aquatic association

Successes, results, quality, devotion to nature and water... These are the links between Szegedi Vízmű Zrt. and EDF-DÉMÁSZ Aquatic Sports Club of Szeged. Since September 2001, when we joined the sponsors, we have had a long and uninterrupted cooperation with the Aquatic Sports Club.
We looked for a sponsorship partner who besides being committed to high quality and results also respects  nature. The Aquatic Sports Club fully meets these conditions as both kayak-canoe and rowing are close to nature, and these are sports in which athletes can only reach results if they respect the water and the nature surrounding them. As far as successes and high performance are concerned we just need to recall the outstanding results of our athletes.
The Club had successes in the 2012 London Olympics also. Canoe rower, Attila Vajda came 6th, and thus won Olympic points in the 1000m canoe race, Natasa Janics together with Katalin Kovács won silver medal in the 500 m women’s canoe double and bronze medal in the K-1 200 m.
Congratulations to our athletes on their Olympic results. We are delighted to have contributed to their achievements as sponsors.

Szegedi Vízmű Taylor & Nash Szeged Universitas

The company signed a name-giving sponsorship contract with the Women’s Water Polo Team of Szeged in August 2011. The new name of the team is Szegedi Vízmű Taylor & Nash Universitas. According to the agreement, Szegedi Vízmű Zrt. helps the work of the athletes of the association in their preparation in the following years. 

Tisza Volán - Szegedi Vízmű SC Ice-Hockey

We signed a name-giving sponsorship agreement with Tisza Volán SC Ice-Hockey in the summer of 2012. The New name of the team is: Tisza Volán-Szegedi Vízmű SC Ice-Hockey.
We trust that we can contribute to the team’s successes both in the preparation phase and during championships.

Spectator sports team sponsorship

In compliance with the regulations of the Hungarian Corporations Act, in 2011, our Company gave nearly HUF 90 million (with the use of corporate tax benefit) in sponsorship to promote healthy lifestyle via spectator sports, including football teams functioning in and around Szeged (mainly junior teams) as well as ice-hockey and women’s waterpolo sports.