Várjuk észrevételeit

Environmental protection

Our task is to provide one of the most vital pre-requisites of life, that is clean and healthy drinking water. We must also protect and take good care of our water base and to rechannel the water coming from deep wells into nature using the most effective environment friendly solutions possible. Our activities predestine us to be environment-conscious, which plays a key role in our Company’s activity.
One of these environment-conscious tools is to operate quality and environment management systems, which enable us to provide services that satisfy EU requirements..
Since the introduction of these systems, we have continuously met international standards, and our activities are audited annually.

  • We perform our activities in a manner that enable us to meet the requirements of environment regulations, standards and decrees.
  • Since the year 2000, we have been collecting paper, glass and plastic selectively at our Company with the aim of recycling them.
  • In 2001, we articulated our Quality and Environment Policy Statement.
  • In 2010, we extended the statement with drinking water safety elements
  • We compiled our own waste management plan, we registered ourselves in the national waste information system (HIR). We regularly update our waste records for each of our sites.
  • We collect our hazardous waste at a separate storage place, and have it transported annually with the help of a transporter holding an appropriate environment licence.
  • We regularly review our activities with significant environmental impact and evaluate and assess them annually.
  • One of the key investments projects of recent years in Szeged was the sewer construction programme funded by ISPA together with the construction of the Szeged Biological Wastewater Treatment Site. As of mid-2007, this new facility has been operated by our Company.